Halo: Humanity (Unofficial CGI Fan-trailer)
Halo: Humanity (Unofficial CGI Fan-trailer)

Halo: Humanity
Contribution: Modeler and Texturing

Humanity is a non-profit fan film set in the Halo Universe, following the journey of a seasoned Spartan II known as John 117, a.k.a. the Master Chief. The film takes place shortly after the events Halo 4 and the Escalation comics, and focuses on the struggles and emotions John must maintain after the loss of Cortana in Halo 4.

Additional credits:
Robert J. Merritt - Director and VFX
Dayton T. Neuburger - Co-Director and Founder
Zack Smith - Lore Manager and Writer
Martyn Tranter - Compositing and Graphics Design
Gage Moore - Audio and Writing Assistant
Maria Rubel (Dreamsfall Music) - Music Composer
Milorad Petkovic - 3D Dynamics, Shading and Technical Artist
Togrul Alekperov - Modeling and Texture Artist
Matthew Hasbrouck - Modeling and Texture Artist
Ryan Reid - Modeler and Texture Artist
Christophe Lacaux - Character Modeler
Onyx Lee - Environmental Artist and VFXPeyman Motea - 3D Animator
Leonard Hemby - 3D Animator
C.J. Franks - Storyboard Artist
Bryan Doell - Prop Artist
SkribbliX (Jason Brown) - Concept Artist

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