Alphabet Animals AR
Alphabet Animals AR

GoldRun: Alphabet Animals
Company: Snaps
Contribution: Modeler, Texturer, Animator, Rigger, Lighter

GoldRun: Alphabet Animals was an early augmented reality app that pioneered the concept of geo-fenced virtual objects in the real world, years before Pokémon GO was launched. This app was designed for kids to use their camera phone to look around, find animals, and take a picture together. Through this relationship and exploration of the real world in search of these animals they will pick up on their ABC’s!

The challenge was taking very playful loose sketches to a form that maintains the look and feel of the sketch and not stand out but are grounded in the real world. Making this transition required collaborating closely with the designer. I also worked closely with the programmer to ensure work was kept within iPhone technical limitations.

Additional Credits:
-Founder/CEO: Vivian Rosenthal
-Designer: Tiff Ng
-Director of UX: Austin Bone